Desafío do País de GalesEditar

É un pracer. A túa proposta é "Bendigedig". Hwyl fawr.--Breogan2008 (conversa) 13:25, 24 de maio de 2014 (UTC)

Oso pozik! :-) Llywelyn2000 (conversa) 24 de maio de 2014 ás 12:29 (UTC)


Moitas grazas. Colaborei con moito gusto no teu reto. Diolch.--Breogan2008 (conversa) 10:37, 13 de xullo de 2014 (UTC)

Hi Llywelyn2000. I've moved back the list you created to Usuario:Llywelyn2000/Lista de persoeiros de Gales, and the two templates it uses to your userspace (and removed the categories from them, we do not categorize user pages here). The feature is cool, having a bot or program to automatically create and update a list on demand based on wikidata is a really cool feature. However there are some downsides to that, in general here at gl wiki we prefer and promote user content. There's no "rule" against this kind of automations, but its not something we really look for, at least for now.

Focusing on this list itself, there are several problems with it. Mainly, header is not translated correctly, 3 digit years should not have extra "0" (as in "0361"), we use dd-mm-yyyy format for dates, and, probably most important of all, the links for the names and places in the list entries should be internal wikilinks to articles in this wiki, not links to the corresponding wikidata entries.

Also there is another concern, having a "update this list" button on the article, as cool as it is, would open it to vandalism or abuse without the proper permission handling and bot flag. Unlike bigger wikis, we do have a recent changes feed useful, wouldnt want it to get clogged by non-flagged bot entries.

Banjo tell me 13 de febreiro de 2016 ás 22:50 (UTC)

Many thanks for your time; I'll amend according to your instructions. The criteria is: people born in Wales; we could do the same for people born in Galicia, or even people who speak Lingua galega. Keep in touch! Llywelyn2000 (conversa) 15 de febreiro de 2016 ás 10:08 (UTC)
If a Welsh person exists gl-wiki, there is a link to aricle on gl-wiki, otherwise, the link is now text only. The 'update this list' is nothing more than a 'page refresh' button, but I have now removed it, so it will not cause any problems. 'Header is not translated correctly' - can you please correct them, just in case you decide to use this list at a future date? The date format itself can be chnged, so I'll work on this and come back to you. Thanks again. Llywelyn2000 (conversa) 16 de febreiro de 2016 ás 06:25 (UTC)

Hi Llywelyn2000, when you finish your work with the "List of people born in Wales", could you do the list of people born in Galicia in a subpage of my user? Thanks, Elisardojm (conversa) 16 de febreiro de 2016 ás 08:27 (UTC)

Of course; no problem! Llywelyn2000 (conversa) 16 de febreiro de 2016 ás 19:17 (UTC)
User:Banjo Hi. Can you please place the two templates back, so that the list works on an user's Talk page? Many thanks. Llywelyn2000 (conversa) 16 de febreiro de 2016 ás 21:35 (UTC)
You should be able to use them in any user page or user talk page, using {{Usuario:Llywelyn2000/Wikidata list}} and {{Usuario:Llywelyn2000/Wikidata list end}} to call them. If for whatever reason that's not the case and you still need them to be on template namespace let me know. Banjo tell me 17 de febreiro de 2016 ás 07:48 (UTC)
For some reason, it doesn't work from userspace. Llywelyn2000 (conversa) 23 de febreiro de 2016 ás 09:23 (UTC)


Hi Llywelyn2000, I left a message for you in Conversa usuario:Llywelyn2000/Lista de persoas nadas en galegos, just in case it gets lost. --AMPERIO (conversa) 25 de febreiro de 2016 ás 13:27 (UTC)

Other commentsEditar

Hi Llywelyn2000, some comments about the article Lista de persoas nadas en Gales (and sorry for my english). I think that if you want to mantain the page in article namespace, you should delete the text "Esta lista xérase a partir de datos incluídos en Wikidata e actualízase periodicamente por un bot. As edicións feitas na zona da listaxe serán eliminadas na seguinte actualización! Actualizar manualmente a lista | Procurar imaxes", because all editors would can edit the article...

Other thing, in this version there is an image of Dafydd ap Gwilym, but the actual article don't.

Another one, the title of the list should be "Persoeiros" and not "ser humano".

And last, thank you for create the list of Galician people, that list should help us to find photos and articles to translate! Bye, Elisardojm (conversa) 27 de febreiro de 2016 ás 09:02 (UTC)

Oh, how nice of you! Many thanks to you. It's a pity I don't speak Galician; my first language is Welsh however. To start from the bottom (easy bits first!) - Easy to change the titles of columns - just add hyphen after the Pxxx and then anything you like eg P19:lugar de nacemento. Dafydd ap Gwilym - I can see an image on his article, just under the infobox. Lastly, the table changes automatically every day, as new information / images are added to Wikidata. This means the table is alive! Yes, I can take the code off, but then any changes don't go on Wikidata. It would be good if editors could change Wikidata, as the Wikipedia page then changes automatically. eg if you see a Qxxxx such as Q5251744, click on it and add the Welsh name to the Galician column.
We can do three things: 1. Nothing, but add instructions to editors how to edit Wikidata. 2. Move to your userspace and use as the Galician 3. Delete code, as you suggested, and allow editors to edit it as a table (easy option, but table becomes dead! Maybe you can discuss all this with your community? Many thanks again and enjoy the weekend. Llywelyn2000 (conversa) 27 de febreiro de 2016 ás 09:32 (UTC)
I think that you don't understand me one thing, "ser humano" isn't a column of the table, if you review the article, "ser humano" is the title before the table, and that should be "Persoeiros". I have changed it some days ago but the update of the list reverted it, I think that you have to change it in the code of the bot.
And, I'll discuss the issue at Wikipedia:Votacións para borrar/Lista de persoas nadas en Gales. Bye, Elisardojm (conversa) 1 de marzo de 2016 ás 02:01 (UTC)
Hi. I've hanged to "Persoeiros" and added some Qxxxx to Wikidata. Enjoy! Llywelyn2000 (conversa) 1 de marzo de 2016 ás 08:37 (UTC)
Thank you very much, but..., could you change the code to Persoeiros, with P in caps, for the next update of the article? O:) Bye, Elisardojm (conversa) 1 de marzo de 2016 ás 09:58 (UTC)
And change "imaxe" to Imaxe, "nome" to Nome, "Born" to "Nacemento", "Died" to "Falecemento" and "lugar de nacemento" to Lugar de nacemento? Bye, Elisardojm (conversa) 1 de marzo de 2016 ás 10:02 (UTC)
All done. To change headings just add a colon follow with anything you like. Now I'll do the same with Usuario:Llywelyn2000/Lista de persoas nadas en Galicia. Thanks. Llywelyn2000 (conversa) 1 de marzo de 2016 ás 11:08 (UTC)
I suggest we now place the List of Galicians Lista de persoas nadas en Galicia in the Spanish and French wikis. And then Euskara, Catalonia... What do you think? Llywelyn2000 (conversa) 1 de marzo de 2016 ás 11:23 (UTC)

Please note: I changed the name from "ser humano" to "Persoeiros" this morning. However, User:HombreDHojalata reverted my edit [1]. Can you discuss with the user please? Thnaks. Llywelyn2000 (conversa) 1 de marzo de 2016 ás 22:30 (UTC)

Conversa usuario:Elisardojm#Q5 -> Q215627. --. HombreDHojalata.conversa 1 de marzo de 2016 ás 23:14 (UTC)

List of items within a category using ListeriabotEditar

Hi Llywelyn2000, could you help me a little with a new list? I wanted to create a list of the items that are in category categoría:Lugares de Alfoz or in categoría:Lugares de Culleredo. Can it be done with Listeriabot? Could you tell me how or who could I ask? Bye, Elisardojm (conversa) 17 de xullo de 2019 ás 08:40 (UTC)

Hi! Yes of course! I would love to! What is the Calician for 'List of places in...' eg 'List of places in Alfoz'? Llywelyn2000 (conversa) 19 de xullo de 2019 ás 08:46 (UTC)
I wanted to create a list with all articles in category "Lugares de Galicia" really, to do that I thought to do a list with articles in category of each municipality of Galicia. The name in Galician would be "Lista de lugares de Galicia". I made a kind of list of this type with PetSacan in Wikipedia:JavascriptWikiBrowser/Lista de lugares de Galicia, but the problem is that this list have to update manually, and it will be more useful if we have a list updated automatically with Listeria. Bye, --Elisardojm (conversa) 19 de xullo de 2019 ás 09:15 (UTC)
O borrador 1 está completo

Espero que estés ben!

I have made 3 lists fo you to adapt for other similar Lugares:

  1. Usuario:Llywelyn2000/Lista de lugares de Alfoz
  2. Usuario:Llywelyn2000/Lista de lugares de Pontevedra
  3. Usuario:Llywelyn2000/Lista de lugares de Galicia

For these to work, you need to copy the following code onto a new page / article:

{{Wikidata list |sparql=SELECT ?item ?coor ?itemLabel WHERE { ?item wdt:P131\u007Cwdt:P31 wd:Q3908. ?pob wdt:P131* wd:Q180086 . OPTIONAL { ?item wdt:P625 ?coor } SERVICE wikibase:label { bd:serviceParam wikibase:language "cy,en" } } |links=text |sort=label |section=P131 |columns=number:#,label:lugares,P51,P443,P131,P1082,P625:Cyfesurynnau,item:Wikidata |thumb=128 }} {{Wikidata list end}}

The only part to change is where I've placed Q3908. That needs to change to the crresponding Wikidata Code e.g. on the list of places in Frades, change to Q1616172. You can create a list / database of names and Qcodes / wikidata items, of course, using Wikidata Query Service, merge the Qcodes into the above code and then upload with AWB (Auto Wiki Browser). Let me know if you need help with this.

Se necesitas algo, pregunta por favor; poderiamos usar Google Hangouts para falar aínda máis se queres! A batalla está a piques de comezar! Estar preparado! Llywelyn2000 (conversa) 19 de xullo de 2019 ás 12:49 (UTC)

Diolch yn fawr iawn, Robin a Elisardo! Usuario:Llywelyn2000/Lista de lugares de Galicia yn ddefnyddiol iawn i gywiro camgymeriadau yn Wikidata! --Estevo(aei)pa o que queiras... 22 de xullo de 2019 ás 02:35 (UTC)
Estevoaei, traduce por favor que non pillo nada :). Saúdos, Elisardojm (conversa) 22 de xullo de 2019 ás 20:31 (UTC)
Benvido! Croeso! Llywelyn2000 (conversa)