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| SómboloSímbolo = Lact-deh-memb
| Name = D-lactato deshidroxenase, unida a membranas
| imaxe = PDB 1f0x EBI.jpg
[[FileFicheiro:LDH reaction.png|centerleft|thumbminiatura|355px|CatalyticReacción functionque ofcataliza a LDH.]]
Lactate dehydrogenase catalyzes the interconversion of [[pyruvate]] and [[lactic acid|lactate]] with concomitant interconversion of NADH and [[Nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide|NAD<sup>+</sup>]]. It converts pyruvate, the final product of [[glycolysis]], to lactate when oxygen is absent or in short supply, and it performs the reverse reaction during the [[Cori cycle]] in the [[liver]]. At high concentrations of lactate, the enzyme exhibits feedback inhibition, and the rate of conversion of pyruvate to lactate is decreased.