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*You should keep it that way, cause it hasn't been officially recognised by many countries or by the UN as Republic of Macedonia, otherwise Macedonia is in Greece, they have just a small part of Macedonia, so they are not Macedonians, they are just mixed Albanians with Bulgarians and Serbians, the "Macedonian" nationality does not actually exist, there are only the Greek Macedonians. Thanks again for keeping it that way. [[Especial:Contribucións/|]] 15:57, 13 outubro 2009 (UTC)
:::Since this bullshit should be kept, Macedonians are nor BG, AL, SR, but revise your Greek identity, God knows where are you from. 99 % of the world's population have strong evidences about the existence of the Macedonians and about the Macedonian exodus in Aegean Macedonia, but only you are making smart of yourselves. --[[Usuario:MacedonianBoy|MacedonianBoy]] 23:54, 10 xaneiro 2010 (UTC)
::::MacedonianBoy: 1st don't isnult or abuse in an encyclopedia and 2nd don't dare again to talk about God as long you are a hypocrit. There was never am exodus, and there is no agean macedonia. There is just one Macedonia and this is its name. See the etymology of Macedonia in a dictionary and you'll remember of me. And for crying out loud you haven't been recognized officially by the UN only from some brainless countries that have been brainwashed by your propaganda with the help of the US of America. [[Usuario:NasosMCD|NasosMCD]] 11:12, 15 xaneiro 2010 (UTC)
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