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LucienBOT is mostly used for resolving interwiki links. It is designed to operate simultaneously on multiple sites to reduce server load. The bot has been given bot status on some larger sites, but may still not have it here.
You can learn more about me at my spanish or meta page, or leave me a message here.
Thank you! --Lucien leGrey 08:38, 27 febreiro 2009 (UTC)

Revogación Editar

Bot status revoked after community decision due to inactivity for more than one year. If want to operate it again, please make a new request and we will be pleased to consider it • Estatus de bot revogado logo de decisión da comunidade, debido a unha inactividade superior a un ano. Se queres operalo de novo, por favor, volve a facer unha solicitude de status e estaremos encantados de examinala --Xabier Cid Talk 2 me, please 12 de xaneiro de 2014 ás 22:33 (UTC)Responder[responder]