___COMMENT___"This is the configuration for a script to easily tag pages with a specific template, and then alert the page creator. The parameters are: page_template the template to tag the page with page_summary the summary of the edit to the page itself user_talk_ns the namespace for users' talk pages user_talk_section_heading the section heading for the message to the creator. If set to PAGE_NAME, the section heading is the name of the page that was tagged user_talk_message_part_1/2 the message to be sent to the creator, in the form: part_1 + page + part_2 user_talk_summary_part_1/2 the summary of the edit to the creator's page, in the form: part_1 + page + part_2"
page_template"subst:Curto de máis"
page_summary"Marcado como curto de máis usando"
user_talk_ns"User talk"
user_talk_section_message_part_1"Boas, o artigo "
user_talk_section_message_part_2", que creaches ti, ten o marcador de curto de máis, a ver se podes amplialo un pouco máis. Saúdos, ~~~~"
user_talk_section_summary_part_1"Aviso de artigo curto de máis en "
user_talk_section_summary_part_2" usando"