March to Fuzz é un recompilatorio da banda estadounidense de grunge Mudhoney, editado en xaneiro do 2000 polo selo Sub Pop Records. Está formado por dous discos, un cos temas máis populares da banda e un segundo con rarezas, caras-B e versións.

March to Fuzz
Recompliación de Mudhoney
Ediciónxaneiro do 2000
Gravación1988 - 2000
Selo(s)Sub Pop
Producido porvarios
Tomorrow Hit Today March to Fuzz Here Comes Sickness: The Best of the BBC

Listaxe de cancións editar

Todos os temas compostos por Mudhoney, agás onde se indique.

Disc 1 - Best of

  1. "In 'N' Out of Grace"
  2. "Suck You Dry"
  3. "I Have to Laugh"
  4. "Sweet Young Thing Ain't Sweet No More"
  5. "Who You Driving Now?"
  6. "You Got It"
  7. "Judgement, Rage, Retribution & Thyme"
  8. "Into the Drink
  9. "A Thousand Forms of Mind"
  10. "Generation Genocide"
  11. "If I Think"
  12. "Here Comes Sickness"
  13. "Let It Slide"
  14. "Touch Me I'm Sick"
  15. "This Gift"
  16. "Good Enough"
  17. "Blinding Sun"
  18. "Into Your Shtik"
  19. "Beneath the Valley of the Underdog"
  20. "When Tomorrow Hits"
  21. "Make It Now Again"
  22. "Hate the Police" (Dicks)

Disc 2 - Rarities

  1. "Hey Sailor"
  2. "Twenty Four"
  3. "Baby Help Me Forget" (Mr. Epp and The Calculations)
  4. "Revolution" (Spacemen 3)
  5. "You Stupid Asshole" (Angry Samoans)
  6. "Who Is Who" (The Adolescents)
  7. "Stab Your Back" (The Damned)
  8. "Pump It Up" (Elvis Costello)
  9. "The Money Will Roll Right In" (Fang)
  10. "Fix Me" (Black Flag)
  11. "Dehumanized" (Void)
  12. "She's Just 15" (Billy Childish)
  13. "Baby O Baby" (Suicide)
  14. "Over the Top" (Motörhead)
  15. "You Give Me the Creeps" (The Crucifucks)
  16. "March to Fuzz"
  17. "Ounce of Deception"
  18. "Paperback Life"
  19. "Bushpusher Man"
  20. "Fuzzbuster"
  21. "Overblown"
  22. "Run Shithead Run"
  23. "King Sandbox"
  24. "Tonight I Think I'm Gonna Go Downtown" (Jimmie Dale Gilmore)
  25. "Holden" (Jimmie Dale Gilmore/Reed)
  26. "Not Going Down That Road Again"
  27. "Brand New Face"
  28. "Drinking for Two"
  29. "Butterfly Stroke"
  30. "Editions of You" (Roxy Music)