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| pmid = 19141266
}}</ref> [http://www.drugbank.ca/drugs/DB00052 DrugBank entry]
;[[Factor VIII]] de coagulación sanguínea recombinante
;Recombinant: Unha proteína que bloodintervén clottingna [[factorcoagulación VIIIdo sangue]] :que Ase blood-clottingaministra proteina thatpacientes iscon administeredcertos totrastornos patientshemorráxicos with forms of the bleeding disorder hemophilia[[hemofilia|hemofílicos]], whoque arenon unablepoden toproducir produceo factor VIII inen cantidades quantitiessuficientes sufficientpara toter supportunha normalboa bloodcoagulación coagulationsanguínea.<ref name="pmid|21056743">{{Cite journal
| last1 = Manco-Johnson | first1 = M. J.
| doi = 10.1016/j.yapd.2010.08.007
| year = 2010
| pmid = 21056743
}}</ref> BeforeAntes thedo developmentdesenvolvemento of recombinantdo factor VIII recombinante, theesta proteinprteína wasobtíñase obtainedprocesando bygrandes processingcantidades largede quantities[[sangue]] ofhumano humande bloodm´jltiples fromdoantes, multipleo donors,cal whichsupoñía carriedun aalto veryrisco highde risktransmisión ofde transmissioninfeccións oftransmitidas [[Blood-bornepolo disease|bloodsangue, bornepor infectiousexemplo diseaseso [[VIH-SIDA]], fore examplea HIV and hepatitis[[hepatite B]]. [http://www.drugbank.ca/molecules/19 DrugBank entry]
;Recombinant [[hepatitis B vaccine]] : [[Hepatitis B]] infection is controlled through the use of a recombinant hepatitis B vaccine, which contains a form of the hepatitis B virus surface antigen that is produced in yeast cells. The development of the recombinant subunit vaccine was an important and necessary development because hepatitis B virus, unlike other common viruses such as [[polio virus]], cannot be grown [[in vitro]]. [https://web.archive.org/web/20110628230253/http://www.hepb.org/hepb/vaccine_information.htm Vaccine information from Hepatitis B Foundation]
;Diagnosis of infection with [[HIV]] : Each of the three widely used methods for [[HIV test|diagnosing HIV infection]] has been developed using recombinant DNA. The antibody test ([[ELISA]] or [[western blot]]) uses a recombinant HIV protein to test for the presence of [[antibodies]] that the body has produced in response to an HIV infection. The DNA test looks for the presence of HIV genetic material using [[reverse transcription polymerase chain reaction]] (RT-PCR). Development of the RT-PCR test was made possible by the molecular cloning and sequence analysis of HIV genomes. [https://www.cdc.gov/hiv/topics/testing/index.htm HIV testing page from US Centers for Disease Control (CDC)]