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== Taxonomía ==
TheA [[familyfamilia (biologybioloxía)|familyfamilia]] Charadriidae wasfoi introducedintroducida bypolo the Englishzoólogo zoologistinglés [[William Elford Leach]] innunha aguía guidedos tocontidos the contents of thedo [[BritishMuseo MuseumBritánico]] publishedpublicada inen 1820.<ref>{{ cite book | last=Leach | first=William Elford | author-link=William Elford Leach | year=1820 | chapter=Eleventh Room | title=Synopsis of the Contents of the British Museum | place=London | publisher=British Museum | edition=17th| pages=65–70 | oclc=6213801 }} AlthoughAínda theque nameno ofdocumento thenon authorse isespecifica noto specifiednome indo the documentautor, Leach wasera thedaquela Keepero ofCoidador Zoologyde at the timeZooloxía.<!--I was unable to find a scan of this online--></ref><ref>{{cite book | last=Bock | first=Walter J. | year=1994 | title=History and Nomenclature of Avian Family-Group Names | series=Bulletin of the American Museum of Natural History | volume= Number 222 | publisher=American Museum of Natural History | place=New York | page=137 | url=http://digitallibrary.amnh.org/handle/2246/830 }}<!--Linked page allows download of the 48MB pdf--></ref> MostA membersfamilia ofdivídese theen familydúas aresubfamilias: knownos as[[caradrinos]] ''plovers''(Charadrinae), ''lapwings''que orinclúe ''dotterels''.as Thesepíllaras weree rather vague terms which were not applied with any great consistency in the past. In generalpíldoras, largere species have often been called ''lapwings'', smaller species ''plovers'' or ''dotterels'' and there are in fact two clear taxonomic sub-groups: most lapwings belong to the subfamilyos [[Vanellinaevanelinos]] (Vanellinae), mostque ploversinclúe andas dotterels to [[Charadriinae]]avefrías.
The trend in recent years has been to rationalise the common names of the Charadriidae. For example, the large and very common Australian bird traditionally known as the ‘spur-winged plover’, is now the [[masked lapwing]]; the former ‘sociable plover’ is now the [[sociable lapwing]].
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