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*''Constrictor constrictor constrictor'' <br>{{small|— [[Olive Griffith Stull|Stull]], 1935}}
*''Boa constrictor constrictor'' <br>{{small|— [[Lothar Forcart|Forcart]], 1951}}
| synonyms_ref =<ref name="McD99">McDiarmid RW, [[Jonathan A. Campbell|Campbell JA]], Touré TA (1999). ''Snake Species of the World: A Taxonomic and Geographic Reference, Volume 1''. Washington, District of Columbia: Herpetologists' League. {{ISBN|1-893777-00-6}} (series). {{ISBN|1-893777-01-4}} (volume).</ref>
| synonyms_ref =<ref name="McD99"/>
| range_map =Boa_Constrictor_Range.svg
|range_map_caption=Distribución da boa constritora.