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== Historia ==
OriginallyOrixinalmente, ExPASy was calleddenominábase '''ExPASy''' ('''Ex'''pert '''P'''rotein '''A'''nalysis '''Sy'''stem, Sistema de Análise de Proteínas Experto) ande actedactuaba como asun aservidor [[proteomics]]proteómico para analizar secuencias servere toestruturas analyzede [[proteinproteína]]s sequences and structures ande [[two-dimensionalelectroforese en gelxel electrophoresisbidimensional]] (2-Delectroforese Page electrophoresis2D).<ref name="pmid12824418">{{cite journal |pages=3784–8 |doi=10.1093/nar/gkg563 |title=ExPASy: The proteomics server for in-depth protein knowledge and analysis |year=2003 |last1=Gasteiger |first1=E. |journal=Nucleic Acids Research |volume=31 |issue=13 |pmid=12824418 |last2=Gattiker |first2=A |last3=Hoogland |first3=C |last4=Ivanyi |first4=I |last5=Appel |first5=RD |last6=Bairoch |first6=A |pmc=168970}}</ref> Among others, ExPASy references the protein sequence knowledgebase, UniProtKB/[[Swiss-Prot]], and its computer annotated supplement, UniProtKB/Trembl.{{Citation needed|date=August 2011}}
ExPASy foi a primeira páxina web das ciencias da vida.
ExPASy was the [[List of websites founded before 1995|first website]] of the [[life sciences]].
{{AsO of|2007|4|5}}, de abril de 2007 ExPASy hasfora beenconsultada consultedmil 1millóns billionde timesveces sincedesde itsque installationse oninstalou o 1 Augustde agosto de 1993.<ref>[http://www.expasy.org/ ExPASy: SIB Bioinformatics Resource Portal]</ref>
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