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Danke schön! Saúdos! ☣''[[User:Banjo|<font color=#000000 face="Verdana">'''Banjo''']] <sup><small>[[User talk:Banjo|<font color=#dd0000 face="Verdana">'''tell me'''</font>]]</small></sup>'' 14 de abril de 2015 ás 07:59 (UTC)
:@[[User talk:Banjo|Banjo]] Ah, ok. I did this on commons in the past, up to the last some images. So you can do it only for new images in the future :-) Saúdos, --[[Usuario:Alchemist-hp|Alchemist-hp]] ([[Conversa usuario:Alchemist-hp|conversa]]) 14 de abril de 2015 ás 08:05 (UTC)