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[[Ficheiro:Active osteoblasts.jpg|thumb|right|Osteoblastos sintertizando activamente [[osteoide]] que contén dous [[osteocito]]sactivos.]]
'''Osteoblasts''' (from the [[Greek language|Greek]] words for "[[bone]]" and "germ" or embryonic) are mononucleate [[cell (biology)|cell]]s that are responsible for bone formation; in essence, osteoblasts are specialized [[fibroblast]]s that in addition to fibroblastic products, express [[bone sialoprotein]] and [[osteocalcin]].<ref name="Salentijn">Salentijn, L. ''Biology of Mineralized Tissues: Cartilage and Bone'', [[Columbia University College of Dental Medicine]] post-graduate dental lecture series, 2007</ref>