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==Estrutura do queratán sulfato==
LikeComo otheroutros [[glycosaminoglycanglicosaminoglicano]]s, keratano sulfatequeratán issulfato aé linearun [[polymerpolímero]] thatliñal consistsque ofconsta ade repeatingunidades de [[disaccharidedisacárido]] unitrepetidas. KeratanAparece sulfate occurs as aformando [[proteoglycanproteoglicano]]s (PG) innos whichcales KSas chainscadeas arede attachedqueratán tosulfato están unidas a [[cell-surfaceproteína]]s orda [[extracellularsuperficie matrix]]celular proteins,ou termedda core[[matriz proteinsextracelular]]. KSEntre estas coreproteínas proteinsestán: include [[Lumicanlumicán]], [[Keratocanqueratocán]], [[Mimecanmimecán]], [[Fibromodulinfibromodulina]], [[PRELP]], [[Osteoadherinosteoadherina]] ande [[Aggrecanagrecán]].
The basic repeating disaccharide unit within keratan sulfate is -3[[Galactose|Gal]]β1-4[[N-Acetylglucosamine|GlcNAc]]β1-. This can be sulfated at carbon position 6 (C6) of either or both the Gal or GlcNAc [[monosaccharide]]s. However, the detailed [[primary structure]] of specific KS types are best considered to be composed of three regions:<ref name=tai>{{cite journal | author = Tai GH, Huckerby TN and Nieduszynski IA. | title = Multiple non-reducing chain termini isolated from bovine corneal keratan sulfates | journal = J. Biol. Chem. | year=1996 | volume=271 | issue =38 | pages=23535–23546 | url=http://www.jbc.org/cgi/reprint/271/38/23535.pdf | pmid = 8798563 | doi = 10.1074/jbc.271.38.23535}}</ref>