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Liña 3:
'''BibTeX''' é unha ferramenta para dar formato [[bibliography|lists of references]] usada por [[LaTeX]] document preparation system.
BibTeX wasfoi createdcreada bypor [[Oren Patashnik]] ande [[Leslie Lamport]] inen [[1985]]. BibTeX makes it easy to cite sources in a consistent manner, by separating bibliographic information from the presentation of this information. Thishis same principle of separation of content and presentation/style is used by LaTeX itself, by [[XHTML]] and [[Cascading Style Sheets|CSS]], etc.
== Bibliographic information file: <code>.bib</code> ==
BibTeX usesusa aun style-independentestilo text-basedindependente do texo [[file format]] forpara lists of bibliography items, such as articles, books, theses. BibTeX bibliography files usually end in <code>.bib</code>.
Bibliography items included in a <code>.bib</code> are split by types. The following types are understood by virtually all bibtex styles:
* <tt>article</tt>: An article from a journal or magazine.